Thanks to our Sponsors and Supporters

Thanks to our Sponsors and Supporters
2020 educational scholarship recipients


MSN recently wrote to our supporters. That letter began:

"Dear Supporter, Who could have foreseen just how critical your support for the Mentor Support Network and our Scholarship Program would become for the youth in our region? Thank you!"

And continued to describe the importance of scholarship support most especially in these challenging times. 

"Mentor Support Network (MSN) has a great deal of evidence that the Scholarships make a significant difference for those youth in our community who experience learning challenges when faced with a lack of digital access. Since 2003 over 250 Scholarships totalling over $550,000 have been granted to our local youth. MSN volunteer Mentors have guided all these students as they have invested their scholarship funds into appropriate study resources.

"We highlight that digital resources could not be more critically important to students and their families than right now, when isolation and home schooling has been a Government directive to protect the health and well-being of our Nation and region.

"To demonstrate to you the profound effect access to technology has been for past MSN Scholarship recipients, here is a small sample of their paraphrased messages of thanks that have been received:

➢ “…for the first time ever I got an A in one subject and B’s in all the others”
➢ “…I got 96% in my last assignment and over 90% in others. I have never done this before”
➢ “…thanks to you (MSN) I will now be able to go to university”

"The ability of all students to study at home is not possible for those in our communities who do not have access to laptops, internet and sometimes even a desk at which to work. Schools and teachers alike have appreciated the support provided to their students.

"Your valued support has enabled the work of MSN for all those scholarship students to avoid a potential educational gap and digital inequality in their everyday schooling. This is particularly important in this time of a world crisis that has been affecting us all.

"Again, thank you so much for your outstanding belief in our organisation as we work to support our local youth. They have certainly demonstrated that they are worth our investment in their future.

"Stay safe, stay well and we look forward to your ongoing support of MSN. There will be continuing rewards with the release of scholarships and mentoring again this year.

"Kind regards,  Jon Chin JP, Chairman"