Newcastle Coal Infrastructure Group

Newcastle Coal Infrastructure Group
Nathan Juchau and Aaron Johansen of NCIG and Solomon Ngabe.

In early May MSN attended an afternoon tea at Newcastle Coal Infrastructure Group (NCIG) to meet with employees, members of the NCIG Community Engagement Group and other charities who like MSN, had been successful in their recent application for funding.The NCIG grant to MSN will provide funds to support at least three students of the 2020 MSN Educational Scholarships Program.

Amongst the other charities receiving support were:

  • The Hunter Simba Football Club whose President Solomon Ngabe, received MSN scholarships in 2009 and 2010. Since his TAFE studies Solomon completed a B. Communications (film) and a certificate 4 in Disability Support. He is now as disability support worker for the Samaritans.
  • MSN member Zara’s House whose president is the mother of Josephus and Dorcas who each received MSN scholarships in 2015 and 2016. Both are now at the University of Newcastle - Josephus studying computing and Dorcas business.

NCIG also supports a partnership between HunterWiSE, Newcastle High School and Callaghan College. From the UofN website: “The partnership will see female students from both schools, who demonstrate an aptitude and passion for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics subjects, receive specialised mentoring and enrichment programs thanks to a $90,000 funding grant from NCIG.”

Both schools are members of MSN and over the years several of their students have received MSN scholarships.“It takes a village...”