MSN Scholarships in the News
2019 Refugee student educational awards recipients and their mentors

Over the last few months articles on the MSN scholarship programs have appeared in local news publications; from the awarding of educational scholarships to 45 local students in February, to the awarding of 10 refugee students education awards in April.

Hunter Business Review (2 March) wrote about the educational scholarships program:  "Through the support of Mentor Support Network and local businesses, scholarships were presented to 45 students from the lower Hunter, bringing the total number of students supported to 251 since 2008. Those 251 scholarships are valued at almost $550,000."

The story of the MSN refugee awards program offered in partnership with Newcastle Permanent Charitable Foundation which provided awards to 10 students in 2020 was told by:

Newcastle Weekly (24 April): " NPCF Chair Phil Neat said they had the potential to create positive generational change.  “Each scholarship is an investment in the future of these students, their families and our community,” he said. “Despite the challenges posed by current circumstances, the Charitable Foundation Board is proud to take the opportunity to celebrate the potential of each of our 10 recipients.”

Hunter Headline (24 April):  "MSN’s refugee student scholarships, which have been awarded since 2019, are managed by its dedicated volunteers, who work closely with the support of schools, mentors, careers advisers and others to help young people achieve goals that might otherwise be out of reach."

Hunter and Coastal Lifestyle (4 May): "The scholarship enables the students to purchase essential items such as a laptop and a uniform for school. The students will also partake in a career program that involves a 13-week mentoring program and an individualised career assessment, designed to improve career pathways after school."

MSN continues to guide the students from both programs as they invest their scholarship funds into appropriate study resources.  During the recent months of home schooling and isolation, the digital resources these funds provided have been critically important to the students in supporting their on-line learning.