2020 MSN Educational Scholarships Program update

2020 MSN Educational Scholarships Program update
Tearni and Charly shown receiving their scholarships this past February. Thanks to AJM Photography.

The applications keep coming in. Many thanks to those of our organizational members who have been working with students to ensure their applications, along with supporting letters, reached us by 27 September 2019 at which time the application process concluded with a record number of applications having been received.

By providing the funds needed to purchase materials, participate in excursions, and ensure access to technology, MSN scholarships are known to make a significant difference in each student’s ability to achieve their educational goals.

Reports continue to come in on 2019 students’ progress:

“We would love for you to join Charly for his Year 12 Art Exhibition, which would not have been possible without the assistance he received from the MSN Scholarship.” 

“Thank you all at MSN for the opportunity to have this scholarship. Since receiving the scholarship I have handed all school assignments in on time as well as TAFE assignments and I am able to have easy contact with my TAFE professors and in my last report I got my first A grade in English followed by steady B grades in the rest of my subjects thank you all again