2020 MSN Educational Scholarship Program

2020 MSN Educational Scholarship Program
Students at the orientation.

Thanks to the incredible support of our sponsors, this year we were able to offered scholarships to 43 local students.  At the orientation students signed the scholarship agreement, provided bank details and learnt how to make a claim for their educational costs.This year to ensure all students are fully prepared for the first day of school we are allowing them to submit claims now – and already uniforms and several computers have been purchased.

The orientation was also an opportunity for the students to get to know one another and the MSN members who will be working with them throughout the year.

And from one of our newest recipients:   “I am a young man with a big dream of becoming a professor of Business and law at the university. My dream was almost falling down, due to financial problems and other difficulties of life. MSN has become my redeemer for giving me hope that I can still make it. Now with the support of the MSN, I see myself standing up again ready to chase my goal; thanks so much.”

Join with us on Tuesday 11 February 2020 at the annual MSN scholarships presentation to celebrate the student’s success.Meet the students and hear some of the stories.Invitations will be sent out in the New Year.