Being a mentor can be a wonderfully fulfilling experience. As a mentor, you share your knowledge, skills and life experience with young people, enabling them to learn, grow and reach their full potential.

Mentors help young people better cope with the challenges of school, work experience, career choices, and may direct them to support for personal and family issues. They are dependable, engaged, authentic and tuned into the needs of their mentees. They empathise, inspire and make achieving dreams a reality.

We recommend the following steps to anyone considering becoming a mentor:
  1. Become a member of the Mentor Support Network and get to know other mentors and representatives from organisations offering mentoring programs. 
  2. Participate in our mentor training program. One-day courses are offered throughout the year and can be followed up with ongoing learning through our regular networking and events.
  3. Contact one of the Mentor Support Network organisational members below.  Each of them  either offers a formal mentoring program or volunteering opportunities to support others and help in the creation of community.   Volunteering opportunities include - assisting at homework centres, being a buddy to someone who needs another adult in their life, or giving someone an opportunity to learn to drive.