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Our new website has now been up and running for a couple of months. Special thanks to the Headjam team for making it possible.  To Luke for his commitment,  Bre for ongoing support, James for the lesson on using the site and to all behind the scenes for designing and establishing the website.

Headjam is a local creative agency that stimulates change in organisations. And they certainly stimulated change for us – beginning with our reimagining as Mentor Support Network. Once “reimagined” we announced our new name and image at a launch last November. We are now delighted to announce the launch of the website.

Headjam’s ongoing support has been of great significance to us and our members. Thanks to the Headjam team for their invaluable contribution.

Over the past year several local organizations (in addition to Headjam) have contributed in-kind support to our work. They are Purser Corporate Communication (assistance with media and promotion), AJM Photography (photos at the scholarships awards ceremony) and Engineers Australia Newcastle Division (space and support during scholarship interviews).