Update on the 2019 MSN Educational Scholarships Program

Update on the 2019 MSN Educational Scholarships Program
The 2019 Cooks Hill recipients with two of their supporters; with thanks to AJM Photography.

The year is now over for our 2019 scholarship recipients who will receive their final scholarship payments in December.The scholarships have had a very positive impact on the students.Not only does a scholarship enable the recipient to purchase educational materials, but also helps to increase a student’s self-esteem and confidence – as was apparent when the three students spoke at breakfast.But the reach goes even further.

A local principal sees not only the positive impact on scholarship students themselves but on others in the student’s family.As their sibling succeeds and financial stress is removed all children in the family benefit

In fact, one of the 2020 scholarship recipients is following in her sister’s footsteps.Bezawit received a scholarship in 2016 and is now a nursing student at the university.Her younger sister Eyerusalem is planning to follow that same path.In the student’s words:

“I’ve had to do a couple of assignments already with the setup [a new desk for studying] and it’s a massive improvement.”

“Since receiving the scholarship I have handed all school assignments in on time as well as TAFE assignments.I got my first A grade in English followed by steady B grades in the rest of my subjects thank you all again.”

Interviews with two of the 2019 recipients (Charly and Rebekah) can be seen on our homepage