Two examples of Unique Support Received by MSN

Two examples of Unique Support Received by MSN

Almost all MSN funding comes from successful grant applications to a wide range of organisations, both local and national. However, across the local community there are small groups and companies undertaking a range of initiatives to support local charities. During 2017 MSN was honoured to receive financial support from two of them. Many thanks to Property Solution 101 and the staff at HealthShare NSW.

From the PS101 Newsletter: "During 2017 we established the PS101 Challenge. Each month we challenged another local business to a battle, with the ‘loser’ donating $200 to the charity of choice of the winner. The challenges ranged from surfing, basketball free throws, the Ninja Warrior course, darts, table tennis and TreeTops. Through the PS101 Challenge some of our money supported the Mentor Support Network, Solider On, the Joshua Caruso Foundation and many more, who shared in almost $3,000 in donations."

Later in the year we received a call from Cheryl at HealthShare NSW in Charlestown. Before Christmas HealthShare staff held a "fun" event called "Amazing Race" as both a Christmas celebration and a fundraiser. They selected five charities to support (Surf Lifesaving-Nobby’s, Oz Harvest, Kmart Wishing Tree, Newcastle Night Angels and MSN). MSN was delighted to also receive a donation of $200 from them.Cheryl is now a member of MSN.

Thanks to Property Solutions 101 and staff at HealthShare NSW.