Thanks to MSN Executive Member John Dickeson

Thanks to MSN Executive Member John Dickeson
John Dickeson

Since 2003 John Dickeson has been involved with the Mentor Support Network (MSN). As a representative of Plan-it Youth he attended the initial planning meeting and in 2005 became a founding member of the MSN executive (at that time the Hunter Youth Mentor Collaborative). In 2008 John became Treasurer. That was the year of our first student scholarships – there were just two bank then and annually there are now around 25. Our finances were considerably less and support had just increased from two sponsors to six with our first sponsorships through the NSW ClubGRANTS program.

In 2017 we introduced paid membership – adding another component to John’s work. Throughout all these changes he has successfully and judiciously overseen all financial aspects of our operations, including the annual audit. As John departs from his role he leaves MSN on a very sound financial base and with excellent financial records. We are grateful for his many contributions. John will complete his term as Treasure at on 31 December 2018.

For eight years John worked with MSN chair Kay Sharp AM. Kay writes:
“During my time as chair the executive committee was indeed fortunate to have John Dickeson as treasurer. I understand that John has decided to retire from the network and would like to thank him for his dedicated commitment to the task – not only as treasurer – but also as a valued member of the executive team.

John has always shown wisdom. I valued his input to any challenge before us and appreciated the compassion and understanding he displayed in his work as a mentor with young people. I particularly valued his attention to detail but most of all I valued his friendship. Thank you John for all that you have done for so many young people over many years. I hope you enjoy the extra personal time in your life – you have certainly earned it.”

We are grateful for John’s many contributions to MSN and wish him and his family well.