Refugee Student Education Program –Thanks for your support

Refugee Student Education Program –Thanks for your support


Young people from refugee backgrounds have enormous potential to be active participants in and contributors to the Hunter Region. Their engagement brings long-term benefits to them, their families, and our local community.

In partnership with Newcastle Permanent Charitable Foundation and Northern Settlement Services MSN will provide 10 students from a refugee background with an educational scholarship, career counselling and a mentor.

A recent call inviting members of the community to apply to mentor in the program was very positively received with well over 20 people registering their interest. We are delighted by the level of support this demonstrates. Over the next couple of weeks we will be speaking with all applicants before mentors are selected for the program.

By contributing time, talents and networks, a mentor can and does make a genuine and positive difference in a young person’s life. Those participating as mentors will play a significant role in empowering these young people in our community.

The call for student applications to the program will be made in October. All MSN member organisations will be invited to nominate students for the program.