Recognising local mentors
Mentors from Cerebral Palsy Alliance at the 2016 breakfast


This year the Mentor Support Network Mentor Recognition Breakfast takes place at 7:45am on Tuesday 5 December.

This breakfast celebrates the positive impact of youth mentoring and is a public recognition of the extraordinary youth mentors in the Hunter Region.

Each Mentor Support Network organisational member is invited to nominate up to three mentors for recognition. These are people who in the last year have gone well beyond what would normally be expected of a mentor. All nominees will be invited to join us at the breakfast and will be recognised.

Nomination Process - To nominate a mentor is simple. Just send us an email with the following information for each of your nominees:

• Name of mentor
• Mentor's phone number and e-mail address
• Your name and name of nominating organisation
• Statement about the mentor and their contributions which will be read (in whole or in part) at the breakfast (maximum 100 words).

Closing date for nominations - 21 November 2017.