Professional Development Workshop – 26 June 2018

Professional Development Workshop – 26 June 2018
Tony McLaughlin and Jan Davis

This MSN workshop featured Tony McLaughlin of Big Steps Education (shown at left with Jan Davis). Tony spoke on: Anyone Can Mentor But Good Mentors Are Not Just Anyone. The following summary is taken from Tony’s notes.

Those Generation Z youth we currently mentor care about making a difference, but are ultimately motivated by ensuring they have a secure life outside of work. They are willing to listen. They want to know why you believe what you believe – not so they can be persuaded to necessarily agree, but by a genuine desire to understand your version of truth that will inform and enrich their own. They may come to agree with you but that has to be a personal decision resulting from a new and broader perspective. They ask WHY? and expect an honest answer.

In brief when mentoring Gen Z:

• Don’t patronise, but don’t pander
• Do No Harm
• The mentoring session should have some social interaction
• The session should not to be too protracted, but have a range of shorter tasks and activities
• Know your mentee
• Each mentoring session should have a clear aim spelt out at the beginning, the ‘why’ for this Generation is important
• Every mentoring session should have some ‘fun’ element (game/s etc)
• Use Narrative – your experiences are vital when relevant and used to highlight a mentoring point, not to highlight your successes
• Remember many kids in mentoring groups from low socio-economic areas have not tasted a lot of success, many are suspicious of adults generally and schools in particular.

MSN’s professional development workshops, supported in 2018 by Port Waratah Coal Services, are open to everyone. There is no cost for members to attend and a fee of $20 for non-members.