In late November, the MSN executive met with Heidi Alexandra Pollard of UQPower who helped them focus on how best to position the organisation for future success. The discussion centered on the future globally, and the role MSN can play in it. It was clear that MSN remains 100% committed to the support of students and mentors.  We reaffirmed the following vision.

Why do we exist?
To help disadvantaged youth achieve their educational goals.

What do we do?
We award scholarships and support to students in financial need.
We provide training, professional development and networking for mentors.

How do we achieve our goal?
Our work is delivered through partnerships with volunteers, our members and the corporate sector.

We will now begin a review of our activities: exploring the areas of scholarships, mentor support, media and communications – to make them all as strong and effective as possible. This will especially involve our use of technology, and fundraising and partnership development.

Our focus on the future builds on our earlier work with Headjam which led to our renaming as Mentor Support Network. It is also informed by another successful year.  Fundraising success enabled us to once again offer scholarships; it enabled us to continue activities in support of mentors both through networking and professional development.

The change to paid membership was successful with over 25 individual and over 35 organisational paid members. Thanks to our members for their support of MSN and the young people whose lives it changes.

We are very grateful to Heidi for her help and welcome input from our members, sponsors and supporters.