MYAN NSW – Refugee Mentoring Project

MYAN NSW – Refugee Mentoring Project
Photo taken from the facebook page.

From their facebook page: “Collaborating directly with young people from across the state, the sector, refugee communities and government, MYAN NSW hosted a series of interactive participatory design workshops to find out about young people’s strengths and needs, their settlement experiences and how peer mentoring might be used as a tool to help them settle better. … The next step is for organisations to put the project’s recommendations into action. It is expected that the NSW Government will release a tender in coming months to deliver the next stage of the peer mentoring program. MYAN NSW collaborated on this project with STARTTS, Navitas, SSI and Western Sydney University.”

Hedayat Osyan, a MYAN NSW Youth Ambassadors, highlighted the important roles mentors can play. “It’s so critical to have mentors for newly arrived young people to help them integrate into a new society.”

For more about MYAN NSW go to http://www.myan.org.au/