MSN Mentor Recognition Breakfast
Jon Chin, MSN Chair, with mentors at the December breakfast

Mentors see in each of the people they support, the possibility of a rewarding and meaningful future. They generously give their time and care – and they make a difference.

The annual MSN Mentor Recognition Breakfast celebrates mentoring and publicly recognises the extraordinary work done by mentors in the Hunter. In particular we take this opportunity to recognise individuals who in the last year have gone well beyond what would normally be expected of a mentor.

This year 13 local mentors from seven MSN member organisations (Callaghan College – Waratah Technology Campus, Men’s Shed Youth Mentoring (together with Lake Macquarie High School), Morisset High School, RUSH Mentoring Services, San Clement High School and West Wallsend High School) were nominated for recognition at our Mentor Recognition Breakfast on Tuesday 5 December.

As always it was a wonderful morning with many inspirational stories. Mentors recognised were: Joyce Alwoch, Jen Balancoire, Shane Blatchford, Bob Broadfoot, Graeme Buchan, Jane Buchan, Moya Caelli, Bob Cherry, Charles Harmon, Ian Johnston, Mark Luck, Warren Moore, and Judith Wood.

Here is a sample of the endorsements of these marvelous mentors:
• Her devotion to the students and her infectious enthusiasm has ensured that every young person lucky enough to come under her care has been given the opportunity to succeed.
• She is a natural leader in an understated way and it is her ease with adults and students that has made the [mentoring] program successful.
• He always goes above and beyond to ensure the school runs the best [mentoring] program possible.
• They have never faltered in their dedication to mentoring groups and constantly bring ideas and experiences forward.
• We have many success stories of past mentees whose life changed due to the positive difference their mentors made in their lives. Our mentors are amazing people who bring so much and give many of our students hope and direction.
• She has been particularly helpful as a support and mentor for the school’s African students and helps teachers understand cultural nuances.

The breakfast was also an opportunity to promote the value and importance of mentoring and to thank all MSN members for their commitment to and support of young people in our region. Thank you.