MSN Announces Plans for Pilot Program

MSN Announces Plans for Pilot Program

On 24 May, MSN received a grant from the Newcastle Permanent Charitable Foundation in support a new student-focused program to be piloted in 2019. The “MSN Education and Career Scholarships for Youths from a Refugee Background” will provide educational scholarships, career development advice and mentoring to ten students coming from refugee backgrounds.

This pilot program aims to support eligible participants to:
• remain enrolled in their high school or other educational institute during the term of the pilot program;
• increase their confidence in their ability to engage with their studies;
• overcome educational and social barriers in order to make well informed decisions about their future;
• improve their understanding of Australian cultural norms and expectations;
• increase their knowledge of training opportunities and further education; and
• pursue opportunities in a chosen career and further education, resulting in employment and advancement.

In addition to our partnership with Newcastle Permanent Charitable Foundation, the program will also be supported by Northern Settlement Services, mentors from the community and career advisors. New MSN executive member Jennifer Flinn will manage the program with the particular support of executive members Paul Battle (mentor training), Nick Killin (mentor coordinator), Pat O’Flaherty (participant coordinator and career advising liaison) and MSN Chair Jon Chin.

More details on student eligibility, the application process and program timelines will be available later in the year.

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