Mentoring – Everyone Benefits

The ‘Realising their Potential’ report (written by the Victorian Youth Mentoring Alliance) found that:

  • 78% of respondents said they were less likely to use drugs or alcohol as a result of being in a mentoring program
  • 81% said they went to school more often
  • 93% said they knew where to go for help
  • 90% said they had a more positive view of their futures
  • 87% said they felt more confident
  • 79% had a clearer idea of what they wanted to do in the future, and
  • 75% said they knew more about education, training and work options available to them.

There is also research demonstrating the impact of mentoring on mentors. “Dr Jean Rhodes, Director of the Centre for Evidence-Based Mentoring, has identified some specific benefits for mentors:

  • An improved sense of health and well-being
  • An enhanced self-image and sense of self-worth
  • A sense of feeling valued and appreciated
  • A sense of feeling competent and accomplished
  • A sense of spiritual fulfillment
  • A feeling of having gained deeper insights into one’s own childhood experiences
  • A deeper understanding of and appreciation for one’s own children
  • A sense of satisfaction from "giving back to the community"
  • A sense of feeling needed
  • A feeling of being respected by others for contributing to society in a very important way

The research also indicates that adults who mentor youth often learn how to make sense of and come to grips with their own experiences as teenagers. That is, the mentoring relationship helps them to revisit how they felt as teenagers, and how they coped with their own youthful challenges.”