Local Mentoring Opportunities

Everyone who has been a mentor speaks about the many benefits of mentoring; both in terms of the positive outcomes for young people and the joy they themselves find in supporting a young person to achieve his/her educational goals.

“The delicate balance of mentoring someone is not creating them in your own image, but giving them the opportunity to create themselves.” — Steven Spielberg

“The greatest good you can do for another is not just to share your riches but to reveal to him his own.” — Benjamin Disraeli

“Show me a successful individual and I’ll show you someone who had real positive influences in his or her life. I don’t care what you do for a living—if you do it well I’m sure there was someone cheering you on or showing the way. A mentor.” — Denzel Washington

Many MSN organisational members offer mentoring programs in support of young people and are always happy to discuss mentoring opportunities within those programs with volunteers. Others, while not having formal mentoring programs, also have volunteer opportunities. Many of these are indicated on the MSN webpage.

Here we highlight three of our members and their volunteer opportunities.

RUSH Mentoring “RUSH works together with the school, student, family and the community to provide support for teenagers at risk, by placing a significant role model in a young person’s life through weekly one on one, out of school volunteer mentoring.” If you are interested in mentoring with RUSH just send an e-mail to mentor@rush.org.au.

Mai-Wel “The Mai-Wel Group delivers flexible and innovative solutions to enable people with a disability to live the life they choose.”  Volunteer to provide support and assistance to people with a disability.

Northern Settlement Services “Northern Settlement Services provides a range of services in the areas of settlement, aged care, youth and vulnerable families across the Hunter, Central Coast and New England regions of NSW.” To volunteer apply on-line.

Youth Frontiers has also recently issued a call for mentors to assist with their 2018 program in our area.