Introducing our Newest Sponsors: NCIG and Aurizon

Introducing our Newest Sponsors: NCIG and Aurizon
Nathan Juchar, NCIG, and with MSN Chair Jon Chin (left) and Liz Mills and Matt Jones, Aurizon, with Jon Chin (right)

Newcastle Coal Infrastructure Group (NCIG) and Aurizon are both providing support to the 2018 MSN Educational Scholarship Program.

From the NCIG website: “Newcastle Coal Infrastructure Group is committed to building meaningful relationships with our stakeholders. We are proud of our involvement in the community and support of local initiatives. We understand that our operations have the potential to impact on the surrounding environment and suburbs. Our commitment to the community is to manage these impacts responsibly and effectively. As part of this, we seek opportunities for the community to get involved and have meaningful input in this process. “

Cecilia Lee and Nathan Juchau attended the scholarships presentation. Nathan also provided a response from MSN sponsors.

Just before Christmas 2017 MSN learnt that a grant for 2018 would be forthcoming from the Aurizon Community Giving Fund. From the website: “At Aurizon, we are always looking for new opportunities to make a difference in the communities we live and work in. Since 2011, we have been delivering more than products and commodities, giving back to our local communities, supporting hundreds of community groups in the areas of health and wellbeing, community safety, environment and education.”

Local Aurizon employees Liz Mills and Matt Jones attended the presentation and accepted a plaque on behalf of Aurizon.

Many thanks to both NCIG and Aurizon.