Introducing MSN Executive Member: Paul Battle

Introducing MSN Executive Member: Paul Battle
The photo shows Paul with Jane Kift (left) and Coral Baldwin. Photo: AJM Photography.

In 1966 Paul began work in the rail industry as a Fitting and Machinist apprentice at the Cardiff Rail Maintenance Centre and continued there until 2002. After completing his Mechanical Engineering Certificate, he worked on both steam and diesel locomotives in various positions from tradesman to management.

Through training apprentices, Paul’s interest in helping and mentoring young people grew. This eventually led to his involvement in school mentoring programs. Paul was one of three who formed Men’s Shed Youth Mentoring Inc. to work with Lake Macquarie High School to present the “Youth Frontier Program.”

Paul is a committed mentor who sees significant value in our informative MSN programs such as Mentor Training and the opportunity to keep up-to-date with the changes in young peoples needs through our Networking and Learning Meetings.