Changes to the MSN Executive
Jane Kift (left) and Jennifer Flinn

At the recent MSN Annual General Meeting (AGM) seven of the executive stood for re-election and all were elected. The AGM also supported a change to the constitution which has added two new at-large positions to the executive. The current executive now comprises:

CHAIR: Jon Chin
VICE-CHAIR: Coral Baldwin
TREASURER: John Dickeson
AT-LARGE MEMBERS: Paul Battle, Jennifer Flinn, Nick Killin, Pat O’Flaherty

One vacancy remains and the executive will consider filling it during the year.

Congratulations to our new executive members Jane Kift, replacing Damien Ward as Chair of Scholarships and Jennifer Flinn who will oversee our new program in partnership with Newcastle Permanent Charitable Foundation.

Jane has been an MSN member for several years while also mentoring. As she says: “I feel like I have been mentoring for most of my adult life in the different roles I have had (Child Care Centre Director, Dental Specialist Practice Manager and Palliative Care Volunteer). I formalised my work-related life-training by undertaking two of Julie Fraser’s mentor training courses. In February 2015 I commenced mentoring at Rutherford High School with the Planet-Youth Program and continued there until the program finished in November 2017.”

With Damien’s decision not to continue on the executive we are delighted that Jane has taken on the task. Again in her words: “I have accepted the challenge and hope that the scholarship program will continue to be as successful as it has been in the past.”

Jennifer joined MSN after attending the launch of our new name and logo in 2016. She is a legal practitioner with over 20 years’ experience in private practice, industry and government organisations. Throughout her career she has mentored many young lawyers, supporting them to achieve success in a challenging profession. Jennifer is currently the General Counsel at the University of Newcastle, and is passionate about providing opportunities for disadvantaged youth to obtain access to higher education.

Jennifer will oversee our new program in partnership with Newcastle Permanent Foundation.