Call for Applications - 2018 Educational Scholarships

Call for Applications - 2018 Educational Scholarships
2017 scholarship recipients

The Mentor Support Network is now accepting applications for Educational Scholarships in 2018. Students who meet the eligibility criteria should complete and submit the application form. First review the eligibility and timelines, then download the form, fill it in and mail it along with the supporting letters and information. All applicants must be nominated by an organisation which is an MSN member.

Our Educational Scholarships Program is designed to assist eligible students aged 15 years and over to reach their full potential in terms of individual educational goals. Scholarships are granted to students who demonstrate the drive and determination to achieve educational goals, are experiencing a level of hardship and/or financial need, and have a strong support network. Educational scholarships are not necessarily awarded because of academic achievement to date, but rather because of a student’s demonstrated desire to achieve educational goals despite adversity.

Scholarships have a value of up to $3000, and must be used for items that directly support a student’s education such as laptops, uniforms, tutoring, excursions, papers and pens.

Applications must be received by 5pm Friday 20 October 2017. Selected students will be invited to attend an interview in November/December. Final decisions will be made in December and students notified before Christmas.

All scholarship recipients, along with family members and supporters, will be invited to attend a scholarships presentation ceremony on Tuesday 20 February 2018.
Scholarships chair, Damien Ward has recently completed the mid-year review of all current scholarship holders. Overall students are working hard and trying their best – but for some there are significant life challenges that make staying committed to education very difficult. We congratulate our scholarship recipients on all their efforts.

Having a scholarship impact recipients in a variety of ways:
• Many have improved their results and some have excelled - “The scholarship improved her marks and made studying and accessing information so much easier. Her school report is very good.”
• One student has been able to stay in school and another has discovered an area of interest - “The scholarship assisted him greatly to improve his marks. He has acquired a liking for technology.”
• For others there is new-found confidence - “With the assistance of the scholarship he has, according to the school, come out of his shell.”

Once again we are reminded of the significant positive impact a scholarship can have.