2017 Scholarship Students
The photo shows Jon and Leng Chin with past scholarship recipients Solomon (left) and Josephus. Courtesy of AJM Photography.

Our 2017 Scholarship winners have all settled in well to their studies and are using their scholarship entitlements to purchase resources necessary to improve their performance.

MSN Executive member, and Chair of the Scholarships Committee, Damien Ward has begun the midyear review of progress for all scholarship recipients. He will meet with each student and, where appropriate, also speak with teachers. This is an opportunity to obtain a deeper understanding of how the recipients are progressing and to remind them of the sorts of educational expenses the scholarship can cover such as tutoring with more challenging subjects.

We recently received an e-mail from University student and scholarship recipient Heather telling us: “Today was the last day of the first semester of my degree and it has gone very quick. I have since realised that without the scholarship funds I wouldn't have been able to buy a lot of the things that I have needed and now am able to have so thank you again. I have passed all my assessments so far as well.”

Heather’s words remind us once more of how much the scholarships mean to the students and why it is so important for MSN to continue its works.

Scholarship funds are spent in a variety of ways, as shown by the pie chart of expenditures so far this year.

Reflecting the ever-increasing use of computers in education the purchase of computers and laptops is significant.

When he spoke to us at the scholarships presentation this year, Solomon reminded us that eight years on he still uses the computer provided by his scholarship.